Circle S Quarter Horses
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Updated March 31, 2021!!
Circle S Quarter Horses was founded in the spring of 1996. We focus on breeding, raising, and training quality registered
quarter horses. Our horses are mainly "cow" bred but have the potential to shoot, cut, rope, rein, and  show. We have done a
little of all and have come to appreciate the versatility of the American Quarter Horse. All of our stallions and almost every
mare here was ridden prior to being accepted into our breeding program in order to prove themselves sound and sane before
they joined our breeding stock. Close-up high quality LEGENDS bloodlines like most of our horses have are very rarely
available anymore, and will soon be gone. It is very rare to see some of these bloodlines this close up to the AQHA legends in a
living breeding horse and we focus on these special horses in order to preserve those bloodlines.

When we choose a horse to stand as a stallion we look foremost for an excellent pedigree,  gorgeous color, correct
conformation, and also good manners. We believe that our stallions are some of the finest around. Take a look at our stallions
and you will see that their color, pedigrees, and dispositions speak for themselves. Most of our stallions run on pasture 9
months of the year and several of them run together in the same pasture. This speaks of their wonderful dispositions.

We want to raise only the highest quality horses, so when we choose a mare to add to our herd we look not only for good
bloodlines that are relatively close up to a famous horse, but also for a nice disposition, good conformation, and the potential to
throw some color on her babies. Most of our broodmares are palominos, buckskins, blacks, and duns with a lot of colored horses
in their background. Gentle Dispositions are a must because this is a trait that is transfered on to a foal from it's mother.

We believe that a good quarter horse begins life knowing about people and all of our colts are imprinted at birth. We love our
babies and at weaning time we train them to be comfortable with us and to respect us from the start. When they leave here they
will have a nice foundation under them and will be ready to grow and learn with their new owner. We hope that when they leave
us they will remember what we have taught them and never be anything but a joy.

At the Circle S our horses are our greatest pride and they bring us alot of joy in our lives. Each horse is conveyed to the best of
our ability and nothing is hidden in order to make a sale. We want happy customers and strive to develop long lasting
relationships. We hope that any horses that leave our place bring happiness to their new owners. If you have any questions or
are interested in our horses or services please feel free to call us and we look forward to hearing from you.
Horses know nothing of money, status, beauty, or
accomplishment..... Horses see only our hearts, and they
accept or reject us based on what they find within us. In
short, horses do naturally what humans can pass a lifetime
without ever mastering. Mary Midkiff
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We are saddened to announce that as of March 31, 2021 yahoo will no longer be hosting self edited
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Thanks to everyone and in March, find us on facebook!!!    10 AQHA Foals coming....  3 are here.....

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